Lawmakers have crafted yet another gambling proposal. This time, they say all of the governor’s concerns have been addressed, except one.  State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) crafted a measure that cuts down the number of allowable gambling positions at new and existing casinos from 2,000 to 1,600, with 4,000 still allowed in Chicago. It doesn’t allow slot machines at Chicago airports or the state fairgrounds in Springfield, but slot machines at race tracks are back in. That’s something on which Lang says he and the governor will never agree.


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“I think that was a glaring oversight, an appalling mistake, and a direct slap in the face to Downstate legislators who were trying to keep jobs in the agribusiness community in Illinois,” says Lang.  The measure passed out of a legislative committee Tuesday by a vote of 8-2. Lang says it must come up for a vote this week, but he’s not sure when that will happen. He wants 71 votes to pass it, which will ensure an override should the governor veto it.


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