The fact that rain has stopped and rivers have crested in much of Illinois does not mean the flood threat is over.   While Illinois has gotten plenty of rain over the last week, states to the north have gotten snow. Illinois Emergency Management Agency Director Jonathon Monken says that precipitation is coming our way, via the Mississippi River.
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“I just got the forecast up north for the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Their forecast is expected to be in the 70s this weekend, which means we’re gonna have an extremely rapid snow melt up north, which will contribute additional water to what we’re seeing here,” he said in Peoria.
Monken says the impact will be felt in the Quad Cities by the first weekend of May, and then later as the water moves south, and it will back up into the Rock and Illinois rivers, but it’s hard to say how far the backup will be felt.
“It’s not time to start tearing down sandbag walls tomorrow when the sun comes back out again,” he said. “We’re still in it for a while.”
(pictured: Kampsville American Legion, courtesy Shana Wankel)
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