Illinois schools may be putting students who have suffered concussions back into the classroom too quickly.  A survey conducted by Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago found that 57 percent of elementary and high schools in the state have protocols for concussions for sports, but only 30 percent have academic policies on how to accommodate those same injured students.
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“The message is getting there that children need physical rest, to rest from sports, when they have a concussion and that they need to be cleared from physician before they return.  But people aren’t as aware of the need for cognitive rest,” said Dr. Cynthia LaBella, the hospital’s director of sports medicine.
LaBella says concussed students who aren’t given that mental break may take longer to recover.  While she admits every injury requires a different approach, students may need time off from school, or if they’re healthy enough to attend class, they may require extra time to complete their assignments.
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