A third man is now charged in the December 7 murder of Tyler Hoppe in Alton. The Madison County State's Attorney's office has filed three counts of first degree murder and a single count of armed robbery against 21-year-old Hosie L. Burgess (pictured), of the 2,600 block of Sanford Avenue. While police don't believe he was actually at the scene, they do think he supplied the gun and ammunition that killed Hoppe, so he is being charged under the accountability statute.

Also charged in the murder are 20-year-old Larry Belk of St. Louis and 19-year-old Nigel Generally of Berkley, Missouri. Belk is still being sought, while Generally and Burgess are locked up. Police have also charged Burgess, Generally and two others in a botched burglary from a couple of days before the murder. Police say those two, 22-year-old Dixie Tillman of the 700 block of Gold Street in Alton, and 19-year-old Jessie J. Williams of the 8,800 block of Sumpter in St. Louis broke into a house in the 2,700 block of Residence, but were chased away by a dog. All four are charged with felony home invasion in that case. Police continue to ask for anyone who has information on Belk to call the Alton police Department at 463-3505, extension 249, or Crimestoppers at 1-866-371-TIPS.