More children are being diagnosed with autism, and The Autism Program, also known as TAP, wants the amount of money it gets to grow to correspond with that.  TAP assistant vice president Tara Glavin says there has been an increase in demand for their services.  “The prevalence rate may be as high as 1 in 50. At that rate, more than 52,000 Illinois children could have an autism spectrum disorder,” Glavin said.
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Julie Alderman, the center director for TAP at the Hope Institute in Springfield, says TAP needs $10 million but isn’t even getting half of that from the state. “TAP has experienced reductions in each of the last four years,” Alderman said. “We are here to argue that in light of steadily increasing numbers in Illinois and nationally, it is time to make TAP a priority and hold funding level for the coming fiscal year.”

According to TAP, they are currently funded at $4.1 million.
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