There were a number of arrests in Ferguson, Missouri, overnight, but overall there was less violence and looting apparently thanks to an increased law enforcement presence.  Missouri National Guard Troops stood along side police officers in Ferguson, and a stretch of road where much of the rioting took place 24 hours earlier was shut down.

There were 44 arrests overnight according to St. Louis County Police, including four for felonies.  People began gathering last evening near the Ferguson Police Department and City Hall to protest the grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.  Some in the group began throwing items at police and at the city hall building, and began attempting to smash a parked police car and at some nearby businesses on West Florissant so officers released tear gas to disperse the crowd.  No officers reported injuries although protestors threw rocks, and bottles filled with urine at them.   Groups of people were also reported to be protesting near the Target store in Brentwood and also along South Grand overnight, and some attempted to march to the Galleria, but were cut off by police.  Earlier in the afternoon on Tuesday, protestors cut off traffic for a short time in downtown St. Louis on Interstate 44 and the Martin Luther King Bridge.


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