What some Springfield wags are calling the “House gun show” continues. The House of Representatives passed two points of what could be a final concealed-carry bill. They would prohibit carrying a concealed weapon in an establishment which has a liquor license; and prohibit anyone with a lengthy arrest record from obtaining a concealed-carry permit.
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A seemingly session-long series of weekly hearings in which amendments are debated directly on the floor is in response to a federal court ruling that Illinois must adopt a concealed-carry law by June 9.  One lawmaker tried to push through a solution to that, as well. State Rep. Scott Drury (D-Highwood) argued for a two-year delay in implementing a law, but opponents doubted a judge would look favorably upon that.
“The representative’s amendment, should it become law, will force a constitutional crisis on June 9,” said State Rep. Ed Sullivan (R-Mundelein). “That’s the point that I was hoping that the gentleman – that is a prosecutor – would understand. Clearly, he does not.”
That gentleman, Drury, dissented, citing problems an audit found in the firearm owner’s ID card system: “It gives us the time to implement a law before June 8, as the (court) has required, and then it says that we will not issue a permit until the known deficiencies in the system are taken care of.”
Amendments to HB 1155:
  • 47 (transfer records) failed 50-59-1.
  • 48 (training requirement) failed 50-62.
  • 49 (conceal only one gun) failed, 52-61.
  • 50 (no guns in bars) passed, 67-44.
  • 51 (insurance requirement) failed, 34-74-3.
  • 52 (arrest record) passed, 84-29-1.
  • 53 (delay court deadline) failed, 48-62-1.

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