The Madison County State's Attorney is taking his time in making sure his office gets the facts straight in the case involving a child that was bitten by a monkey at Glazebrook Park in Godfrey earlier this month.  The owner of the monkey had taken the animal, and a dog, to a dog event at the park when the monkey bit a six year old boy while the child was petting a dog.  The boy is now undergoing medical treatment in case the animal has rabies.

Tom Gibbons says it is an unusual case, which is why they are taking their time to get it right for the sake of the boy and his family and for the animal:

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Gibbons says the family chose to have their child treated as a precaution, and the monkey, a Java macaque, remains in quarantine.  Current state law prohibits anyone from owning a monkey, but there's a provision included that would cover an animal that was already in the state prior to January 1, 2011.  No charges have been filed as authorities sort through ownership of the animal and if any state laws were violated.  

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