Senator LightfordThe future of Illinois' minimum wage proposal seems to be … written in pencil.  Sponsoring Sen. Kimberly Lightford (D-Maywood) has something new planned, a nine dollar minimum wage effective in July, rising 50 cents a year to eleven dollars by 2019. Chicago's minimum – under a measure passed earlier Tuesday -- would stay $13. Lightford wants something that can get to the governor's desk by the close of business Thursday.
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“I know that we have the support we need to get the bill passed in the Senate,” says Lightford, and I know that we have spoken with the Speaker (of the House), and he's also engaging his caucus on where they can be on this newest proposal that we've kind of collaborated on.” As for how much of this is driven by Chicago's action … Lightford says the city council there based its new law on her idea.
The lawmakers would be defying incoming Gov. Bruce Rauner, who has asked lawmakers not to pass major legislation until he is sworn in next month. “Seems to me all of us legislators are legislators until Jan. 14,” House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago) said in dismissing that concern. “We were elected to do a job. That there will be a different administration (soon) is not an excuse for us to do nothing.”
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