A near brawl at the Godfrey Walmart Sunday night has resulted in charges of felony mob action against five young men. The Madison County State's Attorney has levied the charges against 18-year-old Lucas C. Chestnutt of the 2,400 block of Gillis Street in Alton; 17-year-old Tyler S. Darnell of the 6,200 block of Squire Street in Godfrey; 17-year-old Cody C. Lee of the 1,100 block of Merlin in Godfrey; 18-year-old James A.D. Allensworth of the 1,200 block of Camelot Lane in Godfrey; and 20-year-old Jeffrey S. Dallas of the first block of Spring Drive in Caseyville.


The fight was reported at the Godfrey Walmart around 6:50pm Sunday. Captain Mike Dixon of the Madison County Sheriff's Department says the investigation indicates one group exchanged words with a boyfriend and girlfriend inside the store, but a store employee escorted the group out of the store. At that time, he says the couple spoke to her stepfather.

Dixon comment

Dixon says the investigation continues, and there may be more charges in the future. He advises that anyone who finds themselves in a situation similar to the victims should contact police ahead of time if possible to allow law enforcement to respond.