Memorials honoring four former law enforcement officials from Calhoun County are being placed along the county's roadways.  Students in the county had a history class project in which they studied local history and realized some were descendents of the fallen officers.  That, according to State Senator Sam McCann (R-Plainview), was the inspiration for these memorials.

McCann tells The Big Z many family members of the deceased officers were able to attend the dedication ceremony, including a man related to Calhoun County Sheriff John Lammy, who was killed in a shoot-out by a gang of wanted outlaws in 1881.

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Route 96 between Mozier and Kampsville was dedicated as the “Sheriff John Lammy Memorial Highway.”  The Kampsville Ferry Landing has been declared the “Kampsville Marshal Charles B. Rose Memorial Landing.”  Route 100 from Grafton to Pere Marquette is now known as the “Illinois State Trooper George L. Frederickson Memorial Highway.”  And Route 100 through Calhoun County is now marked as the “Chief Deputy Brian K. Gibbons Memorial Highway.”

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