If you take a look into your medicine cabinet, chances are there is a significant amount of medication, both prescription and over the counter. If these medications are improperly disposed of it could have drastic consequences for the environment. Medication collection bins have been placed throughout Madison County, starting in Edwardsville. For years many people have been disposing of medication by throwing them away or flushing them down the toilet. Madison County’s sustainability coordinator, Leah Dettmers, tells The Big Z flushing the medication is not the answer.


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The Medication could also be found and then abused due to the current heroin epidemic in Madison County. The county, working with Sheriff John Lakin, has placed secured medication collection bins in the lobby of police departments in Alton, Bethalto, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Highland, Roxana, and Troy. There are also bins at the Madison County Sheriff’s department.