The Illinois House has approved a plan for Medicaid expansion, a “supplemental budget”, and a construction measure worth $20 billion.  The Medicaid expansion would include a restoration of money for services cut back in 2012, such as adult dental services. It would also provide:  “For people with severe mental illness, it is restoration of podiatric services; it will allow us to bring another $400 million for health care from the federal government to the state of Illinois,” says the measure’s sponsor, State Rep. Greg Harris (D- Chicago).
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He says the final cost to taxpayers would be about $125 million.  Republicans question where that money would come from.  Construction projects would get $20 billion, based on the plan sponsored by State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago).  While most of the money would help fund a construction program passed in 2009, it would also fund new things, such as $50 million in raises promised to state workers years ago, and another $50 million for teachers' pensions in Chicago.
A plan being called a “supplemental budget” would add $1.8 billion to state expenditures, and much of it would go toward the state’s overdue bills. A smaller portion of the money would help fund Medicaid and public safety as well. All plans passed the House and go to the Senate.
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