The Illinois House will soon take up a bill allowing more low-income residents to enroll in Medicaid.  When the bill passed the Senate, Republicans voiced concern about the validity of its opt-out clause, but State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago), the House sponsor, says that’s not an issue.
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“If you take a look at the December 2012 federal register, (it) clearly indicates that this is optional and that we as a state don’t have to do it. So we are able to get in and get out of this,” Feignholtz said.  The bill says if the federal government does not hold up its end of the deal, which is paying 100 percent of the costs for new members and can go as low as 90 percent in the years following, that the state can opt out of the health plan.
S.B. 26 has not been assigned to a House committee.
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