In most jobs, you go home when the work is done. For members of the police community, that’s not assured.  Two of the 69 Medal of Honor awards handed out in Springfield Monday were posthumous, and both were members of the Chicago Police Department. Officer Michael Bailey had just gotten off work when he was gunned down outside his house; and Officer Michael Flisk was investigating a burglary when, police say, the suspect returned to the scene of the crime and killed him.
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Flisk’s brother, Tim, also a Chicago police officer, attended the ceremony. “I miss him every day,” he said. “When we were kids, CB’s, beer can collecting, cars, girls; he did it all. And he was always the first in the neighborhood to have whatever the fad was at the time.”  “We’re all one family,” says State Police director Hiram Grau, noting the range of departments represented among the honorees, from small-town departments to county and state police to Chicago. “It shows that, across the state –actually, across the country – we have these really bright and dedicated men and women who take their job seriously and serve and protect.”  The ceremony was the first in three years and cover officers who performed actions of bravery and heroism in 2009, 2010, and 2011.
Aurora Police Dept:
Officer Pedro Rodriguez
Chicago Police Dept:
Officer Vilma Argueta
Officer Rodrigo Corona
Officer Michael Bailey (posthumous)
Officer Jesse Belcher
Officer Matthew Borkowski
Sgt. James Buhrke
Officer Efrain Carreno
Officer Sergio Corona
Officer Jerry Crisp
Officer Christopher Davis
Officer Brian Gaffney
Officer Kevin Gibbons
Officer Patrick Glinski
Officer Brett Goldstein
Officer Timothy Gould
Officer Mahmoud Haleem
Officer Bryan Hoffman
Officer Francisco Iza
Officer Steven Jacoby
Officer Rafael Magallon
Officer Brandon Murphy
Officer Gerald Neals
Officer Mark O’Hara
Officer Robert Ontiveros
Officer Enrique Pacheco
Officer Michael Paul
Officer Juan Rivera
Officer James Sivicek
Officer Brian Sloyan
Officer Roman Torres
Officer William Wagner
Officer Darren Wright
Officer Michael Flisk (posthumous)
Officer Francisco Gonzalez
Sgt. Jason Kaczynski
Officer Christopher Saladino
Officer Kimberly Thorp
Officer Joseph Biggane
Officer Thomas Hanrahan
Officer David Hickey
Officer Patrick Kelly
Officer James McNichols
Officer Jeffery Pacocha
Officer Juan Perez
Elkville Police Dept:
Sgt. Clay McDonnough
Harvey Police Dept:
Officer Richard Jones
Illinois State Police:
Trooper Blaine McBride
Master Sgt. William Sons
Trooper Robert Swift
Trooper Christopher Jones
Trooper Christopher Price
Trooper Nick Shoemaker
Trooper Brian Wilson
Trooper Starlena Wilson
Itasca Police Dept:
Officer Raymond Anderson
Justice Police Dept:
Cpl. Ronald Brenza
Officer Carmen Scardine
Kinkaid Police Dept:
Chief Richard Adams
Lincoln Police Dept:
Chief Stuart Erlenbush
Officer Michael Fruge
Pekin Police Dept:
Lt. Don Baxter
Patrolman Seth Ranney
Rock Island County Sheriff’s Office:
Deputy William Baney
University of Illinois Police Dept:
Officer Matthew Ballinger
WaukeganPolice Dept:
Patrolman Michael Donnenwirth
WillCounty Sheriff’s Office
Deputy Michael Nalley
Sgt. Thomas Budde
WinnebagoCounty Sheriff’s Office:
Deputy Frank Pobjecky