The Illinois General Assembly is a group of groups. The House. The Senate. A Black Caucus. An Environmental Caucus. A White Sox Caucus.Now – a Prayer Caucus. State Sen. Sam McCann (R-Plainview) is chairing a bipartisan, bicameral group of men and women who say their faith guides their decisions.

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“The Constitution does not demand that we run from our faith; it demands that we stand up for our faith,”McCann says, addressing a question about the separation of church and state. But what about the clash between people – all claiming to be religious – over whether, for example, homosexuality condemns one to hell? After all, not only are some lawmakers openly gay, a majority of the General Assembly approved same-sex marriage.“The Legislative Prayer Caucus is not about denomination; it’s not about doctrine,” says McCann. “It’s about having a belief in a Creator of the Universe, and (in) doing what is right.”The group is modeled after a Congressional Prayer Caucus, which boasts more than 100 members on Capitol Hill.