Illinois lawmakers quickly overrode the Governor’s veto of controversial "Smart Grid" legislation this week, but one local lawmaker says he came down on the side of consumers. State Senator Sam McCann, the Carlinville Republican, was the only one of the five area Representatives and Senators to vote against the override.

Governor Quinn fought against the measure, saying it doesn’t include enough consumer protections, and means windfall profits for Ameren and Com Ed. McCann says he saw the benefits of the bill, but also saw how frustrated his constituents were.

McCann comments

The measure now becomes law, and paves the way for the utilities to upgrade the state’s electric grid in hopes of improving reliability and conserving energy. It also will mean higher rates for customers to help pay for that. McCann's fellow senator, Bill Haine of Alton, as well as State Representatives Dan Beiser, Dwight Kay and Jim Watson all voted to override the governor's veto.