More than 580 jobs in Illinois will be affected by seven businesses planning to close up shop in the next few months.

The latest Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, or WARN, report says seven businesses notified the state they’d have mass layoffs while four other companies revised their layoff information.

Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Public Information Officer Kyle Ann Sebastian says in an email when employers notify the state through the WARN system the department activates a Rapid Response Division to connect with affected employees with services, skills training or retraining and helps transition to new employment.


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In an email Sebastian says the December WARN report shows continued job losses in Illinois’ manufacturing industry with over half of the reported layoffs coming from the manufacturing sector. The email says the state needs to “enact significant structural reform in order to help businesses be more competitive and grow jobs in Illinois.”

Illinois Manufacturers’ Association’s Mark Denzler agrees. 

“The state of Illinois needs to get its act together and pass a balanced budget,” Denzler said, “and also pass some significant reforms in the areas of workers compensation, and tort reform, and tax reform that will make our state more attractive to job creators.”

More than 14,000 manufacturing jobs left the state in the past year, something Denzler says would help the middle class in Illinois.