The Alton City Council Committee of the Whole has given preliminary approval to renew the management contract with Parrott Pointe Marine, Inc.  That is the company that manges the Alton Marina.  Parrott Pointe took over management of the facility five years ago after a less than impressive launch.

In the time since, Parrott Pointe has made a number of improvements, and the facility is alive with activity much of the year.  Right now, there is a massive cleaning and maintenance project underway, according to marina operator Karen Baker - Brncic.

Baker - Brncic comments

She says occupancy is looking up for the 2013 season.  She says it would be nice to have another neighbor on the Alton Riverfront.  The space between the Marina and the casino was once occupied by the Boat at the Riverbend.  When the new owners pulled the boat out of its spot a little over a year ago, they donated the electrical service equipment that they had originally wanted to sell to the city.That was considered a peace offering, of sorts, since the boat had been closed and taking up useful space on the Riverfront for a number of years before it was sold.

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