The price of gasoline is going up, and it’s expected to keep going up.  The average price in Illinois is now $3.86, according to the Daily Fuel Gauge Report, up from $3.68 a month ago.  Beth Mosher, spokesman for the Triple-A Chicago Motor Club, says a refinery renovation in Indiana is driving prices up now, and a coming refinery project in Joliet will push harder.

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“In mid- to late April we’re going to see that refinery go offline for more maintenance work. That, coupled with the fact that we have yet to switch over to a summer blend of gasoline does not bode well for the future for Illinois gas prices,” she said.  Mosher says the Chicago area will feel the high prices the most, but these refinery projects will affect the entire Midwest.  The current price is actually eight cents cheaper than the price one year ago, when it was $3.94.
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