Getting a proposed amendment to the state constitution in front of voters isn’t as easy as going to a website and clicking a link.


By the end of 2015, an effort to get a constitutional amendment to change how legislative maps are drawn in Illinois, has raised around $3 million in an effort to ask voters this November if they want to take politicians out of the map making process. The group, Independent Map Amendment, has also collected over 430,000 signatures.

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While lawmakers could just approve asking voters the question, Jim Bray, spokesman for Independent Map, says it’s a labor intensive process for the public to collect enough valid signatures to get an amendment on the ballot.


“It’s not as easy as just asking people to go to a website and click on a box and say you support this,” Bray says. “We need to have them stand in front of them with petition, ask them to sign it, get them to sign it, and then go through that whole process,” which includes signature gathers to get their pages notarized.


Bray says the proposed change goes against the status quo of politicians picking their voters by making redistricting independent of politics.


If the amendment makes it on the ballot there would need to be three-fifths voter approval.


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