New data shows that just over 1-in-4 dollars in Illinois' state budget come from Washington, D.C., and most of that money is tied up in Illinois' sprawling Medicaid program.

More than 60 percent of the money coming to states from the federal government is dedicated to health care, Pew Charitable Trust data indicates.

Anne Stauffer, Pew's director of the Fiscal Federalism Program, said the latest numbers include the first six months of Obamacare's Medicaid expansion.

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"Medicaid is basically 62 percent of all federal money going into states," Stauffer said.

Stauffer said Pew looked at numbers from the 2014 budget, which included only the first six months of Obamacare's Medicaid expansion. Next year's budget could see even more federal money going to Medicaid.

But Stauffer said it's important to note not just how much is going to Medicaid.

"While Medicaid and other health programs, such as the Children's Health Insurance Program, were increasing, other areas were decreasing," Stauffer said.

Pew's study found federal education funding fell 10 percent, and federal transportation funding dropped 11 percent.

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