A man from Benld apparently suffered a seizure while he was behind the wheel in Wood River on Monday.  45 year old Timothy Dalpozzo suffered minor injuries in the crash that resulted after he lost control of his van, struck a utility pole and several cars at a used car lot at Edwardsville Road and Sixth Street.  No one else was injured.

Authorities were called to the scene almost immediately thanks to the Rosewood Heights Fire Chief who just happened to witness the incident around 10:15 yesterday.  Tim Bunt, who also works at Olin, was heading back to the plant when the accident took place.  Bunt told Wood River fire officials he could see that Dalpozzo was slumped over the steering wheel as he was approaching him, and saw him hit the pole and more than a half dozen cars at Midwest Wholesale Motors.   Bunt was the first person on the scene to calm the victim and assess the situation.  Once emergency crews arrived, they were able to navigate the downed wires and remove Dalpozzo from the damaged van and then transport him to Alton Memorial Hospital for treatment.

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