A Metro East-area county is a“judicial hellhole,” according to a business group.  The American Tort Reform Association says Madison County is a place where big corporations that are sued get a raw deal. Ed Murnane of the Illinois Civil Justice League says it’s a magnet for asbestos and class-action litigation.

“It certainly brings money into the county, having these [litigants] come in, but at the same time, you would prefer, I think, if I was a resident of Madison County, I’d prefer to have my court system spending its time and my money focused on local problems,” he said.  But personal injury lawyer Bob Clifford says this is nonsense, that there’s justice to be found in all Illinois courts, and the tort reformers want to deprive regular people of a day in court when they’ve been wronged.
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“The people who are behind the claim of judicial hellhole are trying to take away the rights of people, and deny them access to the jury trial system,” he said.  Cook County is on the watch list. McLean and Saint Clair counties, which were on the list last year, are now off the list.
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