The Madison County Board Chairman and the County Treasurer have been exchanging blows via news releases calling each other out on the same few issues over the past month. It started when County Treasurer Kurt Prenzler released a statement that an independent financial assessment was concocted by Board Chairman Alan Dunstan to make him look bad. Dunstan responded with a press release of his own stating that Prenzler was uncooperative with the assessment.

The Big Z heard from both sides of this political feud after the County Board meeting Wednesday night. Prenzler is calling out Dunstan on his claim to have saved the county money with new budget cuts from the Low Income Energy Assistance Program.

Click here for Prenzler's comments here

Dunstan tells The Big Z he is not the one at blame.

Click here for Dunstan's comments

Dunstan also says that Prenzler has lost the county $2 million in bonds and that will be proven in an independent study. Prenzler says the bonds were mishandled before he took over as Treasurer. Prenzler recently announced his plan to run for county chair next year.

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