There are still many unanswered questions when it comes to concealed carry in Illinois.  Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says while gun advocates say they should be able to begin carrying in public next week, she is urging patience.    She's asked a judge to give the state police time to set up the proper training standards before letting people pack in public.  Gun advocates say people should have a right to carry because the court has already ruled the ban is unconstitutional.  

The State Police is charged with setting the program up, and they’re making a way for you to get the answers you need.  People can go to the ISP website, and click a link that will direct them to a page with frequently asked questions.  People can learn about everything from how to get a concealed carry license, how much it’ll cost, and who qualifies to carry a gun in public.  Check out ISP.State.IL.US for more details.

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