Lisa Madigan, the attorney general, is using her tent at the Illinois State Fair to spotlight the hazards which are close to almost every family in the state.  Madigan, the mother of two young girls, displayed a toy garden shovel she found to be dangerous in her own home.  The “House of Hazards” display includes, for example, a look at how a bottle of apple cider and a bottle of Pine-Sol look similar; well-intentioned but hazardous toys; the ease with which our children can obtain synthetic drugs; and lessons in cyber-safety.
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The state has recently clamped down on lookalike products which are supposed to replicate the effects of marijuana and cocaine; still, danger is out there. “The products are not intended for human consumption,” Madigan said of the typical warning label. “But there’s nobody who’s spending $25-40 for the packet of drugs, and they’re actually using it for potpourri.”
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