Safe shopping this holiday season may involve setting rules for the many devices with internet access your kids may use.
Tips and guidelines for managing your child’s internet use are a major focus in this year’s Safe Shopping Guide released by the office of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

Madigan feels the key to making sure your child is using the internet safely and responsibly is to talk with them about how to behave, and check that they’re following your rules.

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“Most of our children have access to internet-accessible technology, yet most of us are actually not paying much attention to what they’re doing online, and that obviously can be dangerous,” Madigan said.
Among Madigan’s recommendations are talking about the dangers of posting personal information and knowing the signs of cyberbullying.
For kids who break these rules, she advises against threatening to take their smartphone, tablet, or computer away. If kids think they’ll lose their internet privileges, Madigan warns they may be less willing to come to their parents when they need help with something which happened online.
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