Michael MadiganModerate. Not extreme.  During the last days of the spring legislative session – and the few days since it was supposed to end – House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) says that is his prescription for the governor.
Madigan says Gov. Bruce V. Rauner is wrong to introduce “non-budgetary” issues into the debate over the state's Fiscal Year 2016 spending plan. The fiscal year begins July 1.
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Would that mean a government shutdown? “I think that it won't happen if everyone's reasonable. There's no need for it,” Madigan told reporters after Thursday's session. “There's plenty of history that shows it doesn't serve any purpose.”
As far as that budget is concerned, Madigan said that while he is open to discussing some kind of revenue to make up the $3 billion-$4 billion hole in the General Assembly-passed budget, it's the only budget there is so far.
“Don't move away from that; dwell on that for a little while,” said Madigan. He reminded everyone Rauner proposed a budget which relied upon $2.2 billion in pension savings which never materialized.Not only that, said Madigan, but “he never filed a bill.”
Both chambers are in session again on Tuesday (June 9).
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