The architect of a pension bill which passed the Illinois House Thursday is not impressed with a potential competitor.  House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) says the proposal reportedly being considered by the Senate president bears the fingerprints of the executive director of AFSCME Council 31.
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“I can clearly see the fine work of Mr. Henry Bayer, who is an expert at delay,” said Madigan after Thursday’s vote. “I think this is a continuation of what we experienced a year ago, from Henry Bayer and the We Are One Coalition, where, from day to day, they simply want delay. Delay, delay, and maybe the problem will go away.”
Madigan has more for the union to digest:  “There is resistance to certain members of our caucus to appropriating back pay” promised in the state’s tentative agreement, which is getting an AFSCME re-vote.
“In addition, there’s concern in our caucus about appropriating for the future raises that were put into the contract, because they are in competition with the other spending purposes of the state.”
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