The group Mothers Against Drunk Driving is out with a new booklet aimed at discouraging binge drinking among teenagers.  Binge drinking is occurring among teenagers as early as eighth grade, and it doesn’t necessarily result in drunk driving, but it’s still a danger, says Susan McKeigue, Illinois director for MADD. The group’s new booklet, The 411 on Teen Drinking, aims at helping teenagers resist peer influence.
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“Teens think well, everybody does it, but everybody doesn’t do it. Probably one out of five does it, according to statistics, and that means four out of five don’t. So we need to get that message across to teens,” she said.  Dangers of teenage drinking, McKeigue says, include alcohol poising, sexual assault, and accidents such as falling or drowning.  The booklet is being distributed at schools across the state, with help from State Farm and the PTA.
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