There is a coming opportunity for local municipalities to help their residents reduce how much each address pays for electricity. Under a law less than a year old, Illinois municipalities can work together in creating aggregation programs via an intergovernmental agreement. By pooling their customers together, joint efforts may result in lower electricity rates from suppliers than each municipality would receive individually.

So far, Alton and Godfrey have items on their meeting agendas this week that would pave the way to put the opportunity in the people's hands in the March Primary election. Alton Mayor Tom Hoechst says Alton has somewhere between 11,000 and 12,000 homes, and Godfrey has better than 7,000 homes, so there is purchasing strength in numbers.

Hoechst comments

He says Granite City, Collinsville and Glen Carbon are among the municipalities that have already signed on. It may only amount to a $10-12 savings each month, but Hoechst reminds that every little bit counts when keeping money flowing through our local communities.