What would Lincoln say? It depends on the day.   Through the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and the Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition, a Lincoln presenter is on the Illinois State Fairgrounds every day of the fair. It has not been the same one each day.  What was the first fair like?  One day the answer was, “It was nowhere near as big as this, I'll tell you that. And it was harder to get here, too!” 
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Another day: “It was a lot more hotter than what we’ve got here in Springfield today. But – we didn’t have a butter cow!”  On today's politics, the answers were “Our President Jefferson said the aorta of democracy is compromise!” and “A lot of politicians have lived in difficult times, and I shan't give a hard time to some of those fellas who have hard work to do.”
Some presenters are more willing to break character than others. George Buss of Freeport says, “It’s what Senator Simon and Senator Dirksen said years ago: It’s America's duty to get right with Lincoln. And if I’m fair to that work of America getting right with Lincoln, then I’m pretty proud to be able to do that.”
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