Monday was the first day to file petitions for statewide and federal political candidates in Illinois.

More than three-hundred people were in line by eight o'clock Monday morning at Springfield's State Board of Elections Office to file either for their own candidacies, or for those of people they represent -- some waiting since last Thursday.  Toward the front of the line:   Allen Skillicorn, running for the suburban Chicago seat State Representative Mike Tryon will be vacating.

"To truly show you want to reform Illinois, you might as well get to the front of the line," says Skillicorn.

Three others are also running for Tryon's seat.

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At the very front was Tim Mapes, House Speaker Mike Madigan's Chief of Staff, with several boxes full of petitions.

Being at the front of the line may be something more symbolic than important, according to Steve Sandvoss, Executive Director of the State Board of Elections.

"It doesn't serve any practical benefit," says Sandvoss.  "Anybody in line at eight o'clock is eligible for the filing lottery.  So, I think it's just one of those things that traditionally a certain group has always been there first in line, and maybe they didn't want to break the tradition and jinx their efforts."

The lotteries to determine first and last placement on the ballot are December 9th at 2pm.  The filing deadline is next Monday at 5pm.