Slick streets, icy parking lots, and snow blown sidewalks are the leftovers from this mornings minor snowfall. With only about an inch and a half on the ground, it's now the blowing snow that motorists will have to deal with this afternoon and evening. There was just one school closing due to an icy parking lot in Godfrey, and while there were some fender benders and cars off the roads, few injuries have been reported in the River Bend or Metro East.


The big problem may be the bitterly cold temperatures combined with the high winds. Alton Public Works Director Brad Cunningham says after applying chemical to the roads to melt the precipitation, it can flash freeze thanks to the cold and wind.


Cunningham comments


Jersey County Highway Engineer Tom Klasner says that is why they aren't using much chemical on their roads.

Klasner comments



Madison County Highway Superintendent Gary Stalhut says his crews are responsible for about 192 miles of highway, and is planning for the overnight period.


Stalhut comments


Crews around the area urge motorists to allow extra time to get to their destination, and to leave extra room, especially around street trucks.