A number of sheriff's around the country have gone on record saying they will refuse to enforce the Obama administration's proposed new federal regulations on firearms that could lead to the confiscation of guns.  Many believe further gun regulation would not only violate the protections of the Second Amendment, but also supersede the rights of sovereign states.  One local sheriff has said he is a firm believer in the rights of law abiding citizens, but stopped short of saying he would not enforce any new laws.

Jersey County Sheriff Mark Kallal did, however, say he would base enforcement on constitutionality.

That is an issue that he says would likely be decided by the courts.  He says there is a lot of local opposition to the proposed new regulations.

Kallal comments Kallal comments

Law enforcement officials in Oregon, Texas, and elsewhere have taken stances refusing to enforce any new gun laws, and there are bills awaiting action in several states to try and pre-empt any federal enforcement of such laws.  

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