With two gun bills caught in the crossfire in Springfield, State Senator Andy Manar is expecting action this week to avoid missing a June 9 deadline to get a concealed carry law on the books.  The House bill was shot down in committee on Tuesday in favor of a plan that would allow home-rule communities to keep their current gun laws on the books.  State Senator Andy Manar believes Senate Bill 2193 to be the stronger of the two.

That bill is similar to the House bill but would allow the cities to keep their current gun laws.   Manar (pictured) says if lawmakers cannot come to an agreement, he's not sure what will happen.

Manar comments

Which could mean you are legal in one town, but are a lawbreaker in a neighboring town if you unknowingly cross the city limits.  Lawmakers have until June 9th to pass a law letting people carry guns in public but they hope to have something passed by the end of this week.

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