Reaction to the State of the Union Address is mixed along party lines. Democrat U.S. Congressman Jerry Costello of Belleville says he's encouraged by President Obama's plan to get the nation back on track. He echoed the President's sentiment that the nation is moving in the right direction, citing an increase in manufacturing and the addition of more than three-million jobs over the last two years.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin supports President Obama's plan to rebuild the nation but he says some members of Congress will do anything to block the President's agenda.  President Obama hinted at working with Republicans to cut spending this year, in an effort to reduce the deficit by two-trillion dollars. Durbin says the President's central message is that America can succeed and be victorious when people pull together.

Republican Congressman John Shimkus of Collinsville says the President's address is getting weaker, which could mean a bigger divide between the Democratic and Republican parties. He says President Obama knows he's losing ground so he'll likely focus on differences during his campaign. Shimkus says the President's policies have left more people unemployed and have put the nation farther into debt.

(Metro News/WBGZ-ME)