The Illinois State Fair is a good place to sample locally-produced products. Members of the Illinois State Beekeepers Association are showing off what they can do after the bees do their thing. There are different kinds of honeys, plus honey ice cream, and all kinds of wax products, all for sale in the Illinois Building.
“I hurried and borrowed a hundred dollars from my mom and dad, and got my beehive,” Larry Roth of Auburn, Ill., said of how he and his brother became interested in the hobby as children in 1976.
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Roth says his grandfather, long ago, sawed down a tree full of bees, scooped the honey out, and lard-pressed it in a washtub – a beekeeper without even trying.
You can sip samples – or even buy a bottle or case – from one of fifteen Illinois wineries represented in the Twlight Ballroom at the fair.
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