The death toll in yesterday's bombing near the finish of the Boston Marathon remains at three today, but doctors say more than a dozen people are in critical condition at Boston hospitals.  As investigators continue to search for leads, details and individual stories are emerging from the carnage.   One Riverbend resident had just finished the race and was waiting for his sister to finish when the bombs went off.  Both runners were unhurt.

Greg Maclin of Godfrey is part of a local running group called Team Alton and posted on the group's Facebook page Monday afternoon that both he and his sister, who is from Georgia, were not injured in the blasts.  Maclin says he just finished  the race and was going through his post-race routine when he decided to walk back toward the finish line to wait for his sister.  Maclin says she fortunately began feeling ill and slowed down a few miles before the end and was several blocks away when the bombs went off.  The remaining runners were re-routed to another street and most walked to the end to reunite with family and friends.  Maclin says the hotel he was at was on lock-down following race and the scene remained filled with emergency and security personnel for several hours afterward.  In all, more than 130 people were injured in the blasts that were just 12 seconds apart at about 2:50pm Boston time.

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