A conference commitee was formed a couple of months ago to discuss the state's looming pension crisis.  Illinois lawmakers have been unable to find a solution to the problem, which has been building for years.  This is the first time many veteran lawmakers have seen a committee like this formed, and many think it has the potential to turn out well.

Alton State Senator Bill Haine is one of those, and says a fix is apparently going to come down to one of two Senate Bills currently on the table.

Haine comments

Only 15 Senators voted for Senate Bill 1, which many believe to be unconstitutional.  State Representative Dan Beiser also likes Senate Bill 2404.

Beiser comments

The burden on taxpayers will continue to grow by $17-million each day until there is a solution and the liability now total more than $100-billion, which both lawmakers say makes this the most important issue facing the state.

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