Alton's Wadlow Golf Course is existing on borrowed time, but there hasn't been the public outcry to save it like there was five years ago. The previous administration had considered selling the property, rumored to be for Wal-Mart or another box-store, but instead decided to turn over operation of the golf course to a private company which maintains it today.

Alton Mayor Tom Hoechst thinks part of the lack of opposition is because the plan is to do something completely different with the land this time around.

Hoechst comments

City leaders received word late last year that federal funding in the form of a TIGER Grant had been approved for work to transform the land from what it is now into a mixed-use development, centered around a Multimodal Transportation Facility. While much of the attention has been given to the new train station to support high-speed rail, there will also be a bus facility, and a mix of retail, office, and residential development along with a concerted effort to maintain a portion of the land as green space.

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