The next step in Illinois’ navigation of concealed-carry, says the attorney general, is the legislature’s.   The General Assembly is working on firearms bills in response to a federal court order, in Moore vs. Madigan, striking down Illinois’ outright ban on carrying a concealed weapon. The appeals court has refused to hear the case en banc (before all judges), and Gov. Pat Quinn suggests Attorney General Lisa Madigan should keep up the fight.
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“I think the only hope now … is to appeal to the U. S. Supreme Court, so I think the attorney general ought to take a look at that, and pursue that, and make sure that this is the law of the land,” Quinn told reporters. How hard is he pushing Madigan to do that? “It’s up to her,” he said. “She’s the lawyer for the people of Illinois.”  The Supreme Court has not ruled on concealed carry, but since Illinois is the only state that doesn’t allow it by statute, a case from Illinois would be the only way for the Supreme Court to address the issue.
Madigan says she believes the lawmakers of the people of Illinois have the ball now. “If the legislature passes a bill, then appealing would not necessarily be something we would need to do, because it would become moot,” she said Wednesday morning in Springfield.  The federal court has given the state until June to work something out.
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