A wave of violence in East St. Louis leads to emergency measures. Three people were shot outside city businesses over the weekend, one person was killed. Mayor Alvin Parks has now suspended all sales of liquor after 1 a.m., except on the Casino Queen, until further notice. Parks has faced criticism from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin over Parks apparent lack of action.

Early last week, Durbin called on Parks to cut off liquor sales at 1am due to increasing instances of violence in the city, especially over the weekends. Parks says his emergency ruling on Sunday had nothing to do with Durbin's call, but rather to protect innocent lives. 23 year old Steven Holmes of Washington Park was shot and killed early Sunday not far from Club 103 where police believe he had been prior to his death. Police say shortly after the shooting, homes and cars of family and friends of Homes were shot up in East St. Louis and Washington Park. Early Saturday, two men were shot and injured while leaving Club Flava. No suspects have been indentified or arrested in either case.

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