The numbers show 2013 beats 2012 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, in terms of attendance – and that’s even without the December 2013 numbers in.  Spokesman Chris Wills says the 2012 total was 303,387. For the first 11 months of 2013, the total was 313,744. He says the Lincoln movie not only juiced up interest, but it provided free marketing: “That’s great. It reminds people of how interesting this figure was, and then they’ll turn and come to the museum to learn more about him,” he said.
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The museum has been open for more than eight years, so the newness has worn off. “It’s up to us at the museum and the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency to remind people of what the museum has to offer,” Wills says, “and to keep providing interesting programming, exhibitions, and events to bring them back.”
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