From Abraham Lincoln’s election to the onset of the Civil War, this has been an era of 150th anniversaries for those who follow the Great Emancipator. Plans are being announced for what could be one last observance -- two years from now.   That would be his funeral.
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A reenactment of Lincoln's funeral procession is scheduled for May 2-3, 2015. Katie Spindell, chairwoman of the coalition putting it together, says events leading up to and including the funeral observance will be used as a teaching tool.  “One of our partners is the Springfield School District 186, and they will be creating curriculum for all of the students throughout the district, including parochial schools. And those students will not only learn about Lincoln and the history of this project, but then when it’s all done they get to come and see it,” Spindell said.
Spindell also said so far the event will not use public funds.

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