A new exhibit at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum focuses on what was termed, at the time, another minority group. 
"With Firmness in the Right:  Lincoln and the Jews" tells a story that many might not know, according to Daniel Stowell, author of "The Papers of Abraham Lincoln."
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"Lincoln's interactions with these individuals, and with this group of people, are significant in his developing attitude toward minorities of all types," says Stowell.
The exhibit includes a feature on Abraham Jonas -- an attorney from Quincy described as Lincoln's most valued friend.
Eileen Mackevich, ALPLM Executive Director, says those relationships even extend to Lincln's foot doctor.
"If I'm careful with my shoes, and I've been to the podiatrist, I've gotten rid of the corns and bunions," says Mackevich.  "What Lincoln did was he had a guy who was his foot doctor.  And the foot doctor cured his backache.  And if that isn't a personal way of understanding Abraham Lincoln, I don't know what is."
The exhibit opens Monday (August 3).
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