Secretary of State Jesse White reportedly has suggested that the lights could be turned out at the capitol because of the state's budget crisis.  But, the idea is a little far-fetched for one local official.

Would Springfield-owned City Water Light and Power actually pull the plug on utilities if the state didn't pay its power bill?  Mayor Jim Langfelder sure hopes not.

"That's something we'd have to address on a month-to-month basis," says Langfelder.  "What I've been told from others, could be until January before a budget is passed.  Hopefully that's the latest it would happen.  Of course, we all hope it's before then."

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But, Langfelder says the issue would have to be dealt with just like any other entity.

He's also concerned the Illinois State Museum will close anyway as of Thursday, despite the fact layoffs are off the table for now.

"I found out late Friday that the intent was to go with October first as the shutdown date," Langfelder says.  "I'm going to call and see if there's anything we can do to work with [Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director Wayne Rosenthal] on possibly keeping the doors open, or what the timeline is."

Admission to the Illinois State Museum is free, but Langfelder says he'd even be okay with a "nominal fee" being charged if that's what it takes.
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