Planning ahead is the best path to lightning safety, says Chris Miller, warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Lincoln. “If you know you are going to be … on a hike or fishing, and there is no shelter nearby, but there are thunderstorms in the forecast, the best thing to do is keep your eyes open and listen,” says Miller.  “If you hear that first rumble of thunder, you’ve got to get to a place of safety as quickly as you possibly can.”

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Miller says being indoors is the best place to be.  Being inside a car – a hardtop with the windows rolled up – is also safe, he says.

Other advice:

  • Never use a tree for shelter.
  • Immediately get out and away from pools, lakes and other bodies of water.
  • Stay away from all metallic objects (fences, power lines, poles, etc.).
  • Do not raise umbrellas or golf clubs above you.


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