An immigration rights group is praising the Illinois Senate for voting in favor of legislation that would issue drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, but says there are some concerns of racial profiling.  The Alliance for Immigrant Rights says the proposed law would provide temporary licenses in a different color scheme than regular licenses. The group says issuing a license that looks different “exposes the undocumented population to discriminatory practices and racial profiling.”
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In a letter sent to the governor, Alliance for Immigrant Rights asks that an additional piece of legislation be introduced that would allow residents of Illinois with no Social Security number to attain a regular driver’s license with the passport of their country of origin and other Illinois residency documentation.
While the initial bill passed out of the Senate, it wasn’t taken up by the House in the Veto Session. Lawmakers believe the House could call the measure for a vote in early January.
The measure under consideration would allow illegal immigrants to apply for a “temporary visitor license,” which already exists and is offered, for example, to the spouse of a foreigner who is authorized to work in the United States, but the application currently requires a letter from the State Department explaining the circumstances.
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